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Procurement, Contract Management and the Negotiation Series

  1. 8 must know question types for Effective Leaders (link here)
  2. 5 milestones to Sourcing Excellence (link here)
  3. 6 Additional Pitfalls to Avoid during a Negotiation – Cognitive Biases (link here)
  4. How to perform a mid-year Procurement review (link here).
  5. “All Models Are Wrong, But Some of Them Are Useful” (link here) – First published in Procurement and Supply Australasia
  6. The First Step to A Successful Negotiation (link here)
  7. It takes two to Tango! (link here)
  8. 10 Quotes for successful Procurement and Contract Management (link here) – First published in TheSource e-news
  9. 5 Approaches to a Negotiation – (Negotiations and everyday life) (link here)
  10. The Iron Triangle – A great tool for successful Procurement and Contract Management (link here)
  11. Procurement and a Differentiator (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
  12. The 4 absolute basics to a contract deal (the 4Ps) (link here)

The Future

  1. The New Holy Grail – In Pursuit of Customer Success!! (link here)
  2. What will the Future of Transport and Logistics look like? (Transcript from my presentation at the CILTA AGM Sept 2014) (link here)
  3. The Future of Learning – Are you part of the Learning Revolution? (link here)
  4. How to Conquer tomorrow? (link here)
  5. Conscious Communication – A paradigm for the 21st Century! (here)

Productivity and Innovation

  1. What is your Excalibur? Power Sources in organisational settings – an enhanced model (link here)
  2. David Allen – GTD system – Practical Personal Productivity (link here)
  3. Multitasking, a missed term! How to put your real multi-tasking power to good use! (link here)
  4. Innovation: SCAMPER- A Practical Guide (link to Part 1 and Part 2)
  5. Don’t be Busy, Be Productive! (link here)
  6. If You Want Something Complex Done Well, Give It to a Busy Person! (link here)

Team Development

  1. The 9 Elements of an Effective Team (link to Part 1 and Part 2)
  2. 12 Essential Tools to Maximise Productivity, Profitability, Employee Retention and Customer Satisfaction (link here) – Free Download included
  3. “3C+1L” – The Four Basic Qualities of An Exceptional Team Member (link here)

Employee Engagement (Tips/Techniques/Models)

  1. Don’t Try to Motivate Your Team, Employee Engagement is What Matters (link to Part 1, Part 2)
  2. Employee Engagement – 3 Essential Targets (link here)
  3. How Can You Measure Employee Satisfaction Using an NPS Survey? (link here)
  4. Employee Engagement: Practical Tips for a more Productive Culture in the Workplace – Presentation –  (link here) Free Downloads included.- As presented at a CILT A Webinar.
  5. 4 techniques to help you get over the “Perfection Syndrome” (link here)

Leadership and Inspirational Stories

  1. In pursuit of Best Practice – Intrapreneurship (link here). First published in
  2. The Leader’s Role is Setting and Keeping the Tune (link here) – Two inspirational Videos included.
  3. How to Eat an Elephant? (link here)
  4. What Can A Jungle Story Teach Us About Leadership (link here)
  5. How to make stress your friend (link here)
  6. How to develop a winning organisation today! An inspiring talk (link here)

Concepts and Philosophy

  1. Can you always find what you are looking for? What Heraclitus, Pasteur, Goleman and a recent marketing study posit about the benefits of focus (link here)
  2. Stoicism and Stephen Covey – You don’t need to worry anymore! (link here)
  3. What Aristotle and Plato have to say about Team Development? (link to Part 1 and Part 2)
  4. Negotiation, what it really is! (link here)
  5. Epicurus: Tetrafarmakos – An Interpretation (link here)

Academic Publications

  • The effects of evolving port technology and process optimization on operational performance: The case study of an Australian container terminal operator (link here) published in the Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics, Volume 37, Issue 4, December 2021 

List of Favourite Quotes

  • Personal Quotes (link here)
  • General Quotes (link here)

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