Academic Paper

The academic paper titled “The effects of evolving port technology and process optimisation on operational performance: The case study of an Australian container terminal operator” was co-authored with Dr Vinh Thai and Dr Caroline Chan and published in the Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics in December 2021.

ABSTRACT: Grounded on the Resource Based View (RBV) theory, this paper argues that technological advances and process optimisation through standardisation and centralisation could been used to improve various aspects of port operational performance. Using information and secondary data from the case of Patrick Terminals in Australia, the impacts of the Patrick’s Brisbane AutoStrad container terminal and National Operations Centre (NOC) on yard design and operations, quay crane deployment, operational productivity, safety, manpower, vessel planning, customer service delivery, invoicing, and process alignment and standardisation, were examined. It was found that the deployment of advanced technology i.e. Brisbane AutoStrad, bundled with the optimisation of business processes through standardisation and centralisation at the NOC, are valuable and costly-to-imitate tangible and intangible resources which can translate into positive operational performance in terms of better equipment and facility utilisation, higher productivity, reduced costs, and more satisfied customers. This research contributes to strengthen the RBV theory in the context of container terminals management while also provides managerial insights to port managers and policy makers not only in Australian container terminals but also those in Asia, given their growth and competitive position on the global basis.

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