How to make stress your friend?

“Choosing meaning in οne’s life is much better than avoiding discomfort”

                                                                                         Kelly McGonical

I was inspired to see this great video from Kelly McGonigal at

Focusing on stress mainly, Kelly made a compelling case for the benefits of  choosing the right attitude towards what are perceived stressful situations, providing very tangible study results.

Kelly McGonical

Kelly McGonical

Moreover, she also highlighted the importance of “Caring”  in the overall equation as a mechanism to handle the negative effects of stress.

Caring for others, caring for a cause assists us to handle stress in a positive manner. Thus, the Caring and having a Positive Attitude are enablers that assist us to choose meaningful projects despite the difficulties that these may have.

I think this is a inspiring video that reinforces the view that one of the key aspects of a new employee should be to Care. Care about others, care about doing quality work and care about delivering outcomes.

Check out Kelly’s talk here:


Therefore, it becomes apparent, that connecting with others, caring and having a positive outlook on life and its challenges has clear health benefits.

So, one of the best investments to your organization’s success and your employees health is if during your next interview you also look for cues that prove that people can i) connect and ii) they have and will care.

If you want to read more regarding what I regard as essential qualities for choosing team members, check out my blog post on this matter The 4 basic qualities of an exceptional team member, Caring is one of these qualities.


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