Procurious – Behind the scenes – An interview with Chantelle Genovezos

5 months ago Chantelle Genovezos announced to the Australian Procurement community (click here to see full article) that she and her team were working on establishing an “innovative online community called Procurious” by May 2014.

Following the successful launch of the Procurious web community site, I caught up with Chantelle to find out more about this project and the value this aims to deliver to the Procurement community.

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George (GV): Chantelle, First of all, congratulations on the launch of the Procurious beta website. It must have been a very busy and productive 5 months.

Would you first describe what Procurious is in a few words?

Chantelle (CG): Ambitious….savvy….forward thinking……intellectually curious… global. A true reflection of our members!

Procurious is an online business network specifically designed for our global profession. It’s where you’ll find the new generation of procurement and supply chain professionals.

Think of it as a professional network, a learning hub and a career centre.

GV: What inspired you and your team to begin on this journey. What gap in the market did you identify?

CG: I’m still surprised by the lack of awareness about procurement.

It’s the place to get to know how the business operates, be influential and make an impact. But it’s also a profession that has had to deal with some long-held, inaccurate stereotypes that have been difficult to budge.

Like a lot of procurement professionals, we felt it was time to bust some of these myths and create a new identity for the profession. We could also see the face of procurement is changing. It’s younger, more mobile and more diverse.

And that’s really what Tania Seary, Founding Chairman of The Faculty, The Source and now Procurious, wanted to achieve. With more than 15 years working and servicing procurement, Tania is absolutely committed to the development of the profession and its people. Naturally, the idea behind Procurious is focused on achieving this goal.

For the team behind Procurious, and for all our members too, it’s not a question of why – but why not be part of an initiative to positively change and challenge procurement for the better…. and get ahead yourself!

Chantelle Genovezos - Procurious Team

Chantelle Genovezos – Procurious Team

GV: For those that do not know you, can you tell us a bit about your background before Procurious?

CG: I was one of those few who deliberately chose procurement as my profession. Starting as a grad I was thrown into the deep-end of “indirects” and I had a few goals I was steadfast on achieving. During the 4 or so years I worked at Parmalat Australia I took on new challenges and greater responsibilities along the way, including taking up the job of Procurement Manager – Indirects. I had two great team members who I recruited into their roles. Overall, I had unique opportunities to work with every part of the business and at different levels.

So uprooting to London in June of last year was a big decision. I left a good job and great friends and went head first into the unknown. It might sound easy enough, but it’s easier to stay doing what you’re doing and not take the plunge into something else, especially when you don’t even know what that “something else” is going to be.

GV: Who is Procurious for?  How are you reaching your audience?

CG: Procurious is for everyone involved in working or servicing the procurement and supply chain profession – including practitioners, consultants, trainers, recruiters and technology providers.

We have a wide cross-section of content available on a variety of topics, and our members’ needs and interests will be the driving force for new articles and discussions.

We’ve thought carefully about creating a design that is sophisticated and cool. Perhaps that suggests we’re appealing to a younger audience, but we’re not stereotyping. We do believe that this represents the ambitious and savvy nature of modern procurement professionals.

We’re using a combination of social media and face-to-face events to reach our audience but we’re deliberately holding off on any big launch announcements just yet. For the next few months, we’re in beta testing. We want to understand how people want to use the site. This is so we can test out features/functionality and make valuable improvements.

All are welcome to join during this time and we do have plans for a bigger, exciting launch. So watch this space!

GV: There are plenty of Social Media sites out there. How does Procurious differentiate from your competitors?

CG: The key difference between Procurious and other sites like LinkedIn is that it is niche – every function, discussion, event, training module and article is selected with procurement professionals in mind.

Procurious is unique in that it bridges the gap between networking, thought leadership and technical information – no other online platform does all three.

I should add that sites like LinkedIn and Facebook absolutely have their purpose, but this is finally a place in the market which procurement and supply chain professionals can call their own.

GV: Is there a fee for joining? What are the services offered and fees involved?

CG: Procurious membership and all current features on the site – including all our online training modules – are free for the time being. If the community sees value in what we are providing a modest annual membership fee will be introduced in 2015.

Our key areas of focus for procurement professionals are:

  • Expanding your network
  • Raising your profile
  • Developing your skills
  • Being in touch with the global procurement community

We’re doing this via a networking platform, discussion forum, events database and on-demand learning environment.

Our development continues as we explore a number of different avenues in terms of premium offerings, new functionality, team areas and seamless integration across all devices.

Jack Slade (Procurious Team - Product Manager)

Jack Slade (Procurious Team – Product Manager)

GV: What can we expect from Procurious in the next few months?

CG: We’re still in beta, so it’s all about learning from our early adopters at this stage. We’re chasing as much feedback as possible, which will translate into significant product changes and upgrades in the coming months.

Over the coming months, you can expect to see new online learning modules, lots of topical discussions, member profiles, new events and eventually an App to make getting connected even easier.

GV: Where do you see Procurious in 5 years time?

CG: Procurious will be the global hub for the procurement profession with more than 200,000 members.

Whether you’re in procurement, or want to be, or simply need to be in the know, Procurious will be your daily habit. It will be the place you can trust to get real opinions and valuable insights. Where you know you’ll be learning from the best trainers in the world and can find information easily and quickly.

Procurious will have helped to redefine the image of procurement. Members will be recognised for the value they add and procurement will be seen as a smart, attractive career path.

GV: In under 50 words why should a Procurement professional join and be active in this community?

CG: It’s really as simple as ‘Get involved. Get ahead.”

Procurious is for the new generation of leaders in procurement. It’s a hub to advance your career, develop skills and expand your professional network.

Procurement has suffered from an image problem with out-dated stereotypes. By joining forces through Procurious, we are forging a new image for procurement and recognising the very talented people who work in the profession.

GV: I understand that the Procurious team in London-based. Why should a Procurement professional from Australia join?

CG: Procurement is truly a global profession with a global network of professionals – as demonstrated by the very international office at Procurious HQ!

Although we first launched in Australia to utilise our existing networks, the intention is definitely to keep growing worldwide.

We already have members joining us from all around the world – in the UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada, India, France, Singapore, Netherlands, Bangladesh, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Malaysia, South Africa, Brazil, UAE, Ireland, Peru, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Argentina, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan.. and more!

That’s the beauty of the online network – you can join the conversation, learn from your peers, expand your opportunities, regardless of where you are based.

GV: How can the readers join up and/or interact with the Procurious community?

CG: It’s very easy – simply join up at, create a profile and start connecting with your peers!

Once you’re set up, some great ways to start interacting with the community include:

Contribute to the discussion forum
Post a question you want answers on and vice versa – share your knowledge and help your peers by answering their questions.

Register for events
We’re building up a global events database so that members can connect before and after events take place. We want conversations to continue well beyond the day out of the office. So find out what’s on and who’s going, and stay connected!

Complete a learning class
Our learning environment gives you bite-sized, on-demand knowledge. Take advantage of this while there is no cost to access. And of course, if you can’t find the class you’re looking for, tell us what you want to learn.

GV: Thanks for your time.

CG: Thanks George, we hope to see you on Procurious!

GV: Looking forward to it.


Well, this was Chantelle Genovezos on the new multifaceted online community tool for procurement professionals, Procurious.

Interested, curious, have a look on the Procurious website.


Images courtesy of Procurious



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