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Thanks to all those who read, commented, joined, queried, challenged and enjoyed my blog in 2014.

This year, apart from the themes of Procurement, Team Development and Organisational Design, I also focused more on the multiplicity of use of philosophy and innovation within the procurement and contract management profession and beyond.

Moreover, the blog hosted its first interview in an effort to spread the word of the developing nature of the Procurement profession. 

Recapping the year, below are the top 5 blogposts that readers found most useful for 2014.

I hope they do to you too! Read it now, or pin for later.

The top 5 blog posts for 2014 were:

1) Procurement and a Differentiator

“In 2020, company leadership will likely look at procurement not as a group that focuses on sourcing raw materials, goods and services, but rather as one that sources ideas. Creativity will involve engaging stakeholders in new, innovative ways” -Deloitte, Charting the Course, Why Procurement must transform itself by 2020
Over the recent years, the procurement profession has started going through a….read more
Innovation Anna betts

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2) Procurious – Behind the scenes – An interview with Chantelle Genovezos

5 months ago Chantelle Genovezos announced to the Australian Procurement community (click here to see full article) that she and her team were working on establishing an “innovative online community called Procurious” by May 2014.

Following the successful launch of the Procurious web community site, I caught up with Chantelle to find out more about this project and the value this aims to deliver to the Procurement community….read on

Procurious logo

Image courtesy of Procurious

3) How to perform a mid-year Procurement review

Constant reviews are part of every effective system. As Peter Drucker mentioned, every so often, it is crucial to do the “Feedback Analysis” in three steps:

1. Whenever you take a key decision or action, write down what you expect to happen.
2. Review results at regular intervals and compare them with expectations.
3. Use this feedback as a guide and goad to reinforce strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

                                                                                                                         Peter Drucker

The end of the Financial year (in Australia) and reaching the mid-calendar year point in other parts of the world, makes for a great opportunity to review the progress made so far… on

Alexander Knight

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4) 6 Additional Pitfalls to Avoid during a Negotiation – Cognitive Biases

It was Richard Feynman who gave the most profound warning: “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool.”

Following my post which highlighted the importance of identifying Logical Fallacies and showcased the 6 most prevalent ones with practical examples, I feel that it is time to also  touch upon another significant field that can become a pitfall in a negotiation, that of “cognitive bias”.

Read on if you want to find out and become conscious of 6 prevalent tendencies to self-deceive yourself by restricting into thinking in a particular way i.e. fall a victim of cognitive biases. 

Gaining consciousness of this “bad reasoning” will assist to…read on


5) What Aristotle and Plato have to say about Team Development?

This post focuses on two basic principles that assist us to conceptualize Team Engagement (analyzed before herehere and here) starting from an interpretation of Ancient Philosophy that seems more contemporary than ever. 

Read on if you also want to get some tips on how to go about to achieve this within your teams… on

Aristotle and Plato

Plato and Aristotle


Cheers to a wonderful holiday season and a joyous and prosperous 2015.

Kindest Regards,

George Vrakas

About George Vrakas
George Vrakas (MBA, CCMP, CMILT) is highly reputed in the field of services procurement and logistics and has presented on topics such as, Globalisation, Services Procurement, Leadership, Continuous Improvement and Personal Productivity at various venues and Universities in Melbourne. He has also been the host at industry events and published articles on Procurement and Contract Management at various online publications. George was a Board member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport Australia (CILT Australia) from 2011 until 2016 and also a member of the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM). George holds an MBA from Victoria University specializing in International Supply Chain Management and Applied Economics, he is also a certified Commercial Contract Management Practitioner (CCMP), a Green Belt Lean Six Sigma expert and holds a Lloyd's Maritime Academy certificate in KPIs for Ports and Terminals. He also holds certification on variety of topics primarily relating to Contract Management, Negotiations, International Regulations, Problem Solving and Change Management.

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